Synapze is a modular enterprise loyalty platform that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, engage with them in a highly  personalized manner, and deliver a unified brand experience across all channels.

Synapze saves you time and dollars, with available class-leading turnkey solutions. Ready-to-go configurable items, such as points management, custom rewards catalog, fulfillment services, recommendations engine, program website development and integration, free up time and resources to allow you to focus on other unique elements of your program.  

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Additional Synapze products include:


SynapzeSHOP collects powerful purchase data and insights with a suite of class-leading features, including mobile loyalty program management, offers, coupons and rebates, along with an easy-to-use receipt scanning tool that allows your customers to shop, scan, and save money.

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SynapzeINSTANT is a mobile app built specifically for instant credit card loyalty points redemption. SynapzeINSTANT allows banks to increase sales and decrease reward costs, while cardholders get instant satisfaction with hundreds of thousands of redemption options from leading retailers, unimaginable in a traditional rewards catalog.

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SynapzeCLIENTELE gives context to the in-store experience, and enables sales associates to provide a superior level of service by putting the right information in their hands. A dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the customer’s information, the ability to browse offers, communication and account history, take and share notes with other associates, schedule follow-ups or manage their profiles. Clientele gives brands a fresh new way to engage with their customers, and enhances the retail experience.


SynapzeDRIVE connects car owners with their dealerships. Drive monitors the health of a car and provides owners with a set of features that include detected and potential issues, personalized offers, schedule appointments, VIP perks, and a convenient hub to manage the car’s maintenance. Dealers gain valuable insights into driving habits, and can create stronger relationships with their customers.