Designed to drive timely, ongoing, and relevant engagement between brands and members, Synapze is a flexible platform, developed as a series of interconnected modules, providing flexibility and fast deployment. Using Synapze, you are able to create and manage a loyalty solution tailored exactly to your business needs.

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Key features include:

  • Modular ArchitectureModular Architecture

    Synapze is delivered as a series of modules, allowing you to configure and customize quickly and at a lower cost than a custom loyalty platform. New features or functionality can be added with minimal downtime, ensuring the platform evolves seamlessly to meet your unique and growing needs.

  • Easy Data IntegrationEasy Data Integration

    The Synapze Integration Gateway provides a standardized method to receive and consume data feeds from external sources. It integrates any data source or feed to build a day-to-day understanding of your customers. 

  • Secure & ScalableSecure and Scalable

    Secure management of client programs and personal data for millions of members is our top priority. Each Synapze deployment is hosted in a secure data facility, maintaining strict data policies on access, control and encryption, and can scale to accommodate your needs.

  • Single View of the CustomerSingle View of the Customer

    Synapze interprets member actions across all points of contact, including online, mobile, email, POS, call centers, and more. It integrates with any data feed to build a detailed understanding of each member that is then used to create personalized messages, promotions, or offers. 

  • Omnichannel CommunicationsOmni-channel Communications

    Synapze captures, interprets, and makes real-time connections based on every interaction your customers have with your brand. These can include social media posts, phone calls, emails, website visits, email open rates, and mobile actions.

  • Lifecycle ManagerLifecycle Manager 

    The Synapze Lifecycle Manager allows you to understand and model each member’s brand journey. It ensures each member receives the right message via the right channel at the right time, keeping your brand top of mind and your customers loyal.

  • Co-AdministrationCo-admin 

    With co-administration capabilities, it’s easy to create and edit marketing campaigns. In addition, you can move quickly to market with programs and promotions using creative templates and campaign management tools. Further benefits include the ability to communicate messages across multiple channels, along with measurement and analysis tools.

  • Custom ReportingCustom Reporting

    On-demand reporting through an easy-to-use portal allows users to gain real-time insights with more than 20 standard reports, real-time email monitoring, and the ability to integrate with additional data sources (i.e. demographics, psychographics, social, web tracking and more). Get the information you need and take action to accurately direct your program, campaigns and messaging, all in real time.